LBJ was an asshole

By chance I saw two stories about Lyndon B. Johnson this week:

Johnson lived to dominate, and he used crass behavior to bend people to his will. At 6-ft., 3-in. tall and 210 lbs., he liked to lean over people, spitting, swearing, belching, or laughing in their faces. Once, he even relieved himself on a Secret Serviceman who was shielding him from public view. When the man looked horrified, Johnson simply said, “That’s all right, son. It’s my prerogative.”


President Johnson picked his two beagle pups up by the ears Monday and let them yowl.

“Why did you do that?” a woman reporter inquired. […]

“To make him bark,” he said. “It’s good for him. And, if you’ve ever followed dogs, you like to hear them yelp.”

AP, via Weird Universe

(Also, Vietnam.)