Why did they ruin Thunderbird?

On trying to use Thunderbird 15:

  1. That tab bar is a terrible waste of space, especially for anyone using Thunderbird in 3-pane mode. There’s an option to turn the tab bar off unless it’s actually needed, but for some reason there’s no UI to turn on that option.

  2. It’s slow. Really slow. I mean, I thought Apple Mail was slow, then I tried Thunderbird 15. Sending e-mail seems to take an eternity. I know it doesn’t take that long to make an SMTP connection to my server.

  3. That Activity Manager window might actually be useful, if it showed all activities, the way Apple Mail’s does. Try doing a large mail move between folders, and you’ll find that the only sign of activity is flickering messages at the bottom of the main window in the status line.

  4. Saying “Copying message N of M” in the status line would be a lot more useful if Thunderbird gave me time to read it before replacing it with the text “Download message…” Still, at least the UI remains responsive. However…

  5. There seems to be some limit on the number of active message filing operations you can have at once. However, I’ve no idea what that limit is, and Thunderbird doesn’t tell me. You can try to start as many as you like, but sometimes they just don’t happen.

  6. If I create a folder on the server via some other system, there seems to be no way to get Thunderbird to notice its existence, other than to quit and restart.

  7. I’ve got some mail to import. Tools / Import… Select Mail. Thunderbird gives me a helpful window:

<img src="/img/2012/thundercrap-nq8-300x231.png" alt="" title="thundercrap-nq8" width="300" height="231" />
  1. Thunderbird fills your disk with crap. I happen to know that my entire e-mail archive is under 1GB, so why did Thunderbird fill my disk with 10GB of data cache? Even allowing for the overhead of full text indexes, that’s ridiculous.

Overall, Thunderbird 15 is just shamefully poor. Maybe it’s really named after the bum wine?

Ah well. The price of freedom is eternal crapulence.