30 December 2013

Rearranging the media empire

A new year approaches, and I’ve decided it’s time to stop promoting closed corporate social networks. With this in mind, I plan to start posting links to interesting stuff here on my own web site, rather than on Google+.

To prepare for this, I’ve rearranged things a little. I went back through my archives and did my best to divide all the postings into Articles (about the world in general), and Personal (about me and my life). There are now separate archives for each.

The new links will be posted as a third stream of updates.

The front page will now include everything — links I post, updates about me, articles — just like (say) my Facebook wall would, if I posted it all to Facebook.

You can subscribe via web feed to everything, or just the links, or just the articles, or whatever — see the Subscribe link above for links.

I’ve also enabled Jetpack Comments. This is an enhancement from Automattic which should enable you to leave comments using a Facebook, Google+, WordPress or Twitter ID. I may have to turn it off if the spam problem becomes too bad, but for now, enjoy.

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