Time and energy wasting time

Once again it’s that time when we have to adjust dozens of clocks in the devices in our homes, in the pointless exercise in government stupidity known as Daylight Saving Time. A few things to remember:

So, heart attacks, car crashes, workplace injuries, and at best we save less energy than we could. Every time we go through this madness I get one step closer to setting all my clocks to UTC.

One thought on “Time and energy wasting time

  1. I share your irritation. Somewhen in the 1970s I said “No More”, and since then all my clocks have stayed with UTC.

    The mental translations between my timezone and civil time became automatic very quickly and perhaps give me a kind of perverse satisfaction when I notice them.

    I wish they would get rid of leap seconds and have considered migrating to IAT – which will be more of a technical challenge.

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