Splinter Cell: Blacklist thoughts

Playing “Splinter Cell: Blacklist”. I love that the whole thing starts in Benghazi. (BENGHAZI!)

The most unbelievable part of the whole scenario is that so many high level NSA and CIA operatives have Canadian accents. I kinda wish I hadn’t learned to spot Canadian, it has ruined Ubisoft games for me.

The evil mastermind has an English accent, because obviously all evil people do.

The next mission is in Dallas, so I’m wondering if I’ll recognize it at all.

Anyway, if I were in charge of real world CIA covert ops, I’d give them names like “Project Butt Nugget” and “Operation Titty Sprinkles”. That way when the documents inevitably leaked out through Wikileaks, nobody would believe they were genuine. Plus, it would help lighten the mood at the office during times of national security crisis.

Damien Erambert via Compfight