The case of the missing budgie

This afternoon Bruce suddenly started running up and down in my office window, like he wanted to go outside. This surprised me, because none of our birds have shown any desire to go outside before. I immediately felt bad that he couldn’t go fly outside, and made a note to see if I could take him outside in the cage at the weekend.

Then it was feeding time, and as I put the food in the dispensers I realized Lola was mysteriously absent. Normally she’s there seconds after the sound of the food container being opened. I looked around, but she wasn’t in any of her usual roosting spots.

A full scale search began. We’d been home all afternoon, and all the windows were shut, so we were certain she was somewhere in the house. She wasn’t distress-calling or responding to us, so she wasn’t likely to be in any trouble. Sometimes she has hidden away on top of the kitchen cabinets, but she wasn’t there. Eventually we found her — she is the first bird to work out how to get upstairs, and had made her way to an upstairs bathroom window to sit in peace and watch the sunset. I guess she just wanted a little peace and quiet. She stepped up onto rothko’s arm and we brought her back downstairs and gave her dinner.

So my theory is that Bruce wanted to go flying in order to search for her. (Update: Sure enough, the next day he was back to normal and no longer wanting to go outside.)