Kohi Aeropress filter review

When I make coffee for just me, I tend to use an Aeropress. If you aren’t aware of said device, it’s the best way to make good coffee for under about $200 — and it’s only $25. Go buy one.

Anyway, once you have your Aeropress, you may get tired of dealing with paper filters. I did, so my ever-loving barista wife got me a stainless steel Aeropress filter from Able Brewing.

Well, I thought that was pretty awesome — but last year I saw a Kickstarter project for a new ultrafine metal Aeropress filter, and decided to kick in. The project succeeded and the filter arrived over the weekend.

Here’s the old Able Brewing filter. You can see the holes.

Able brewing filter

Hold it up to the light and the holes are even clearer, as is the fact that some of them are blocked up with coffee grounds.

Able brewing filter

Here’s the new KoHi Labs filter. When I first took it out of the package I wondered if there was some mistake, because I literally couldn’t see any holes in it. As you can see, the camera can’t resolve them either.

KoHi Labs filter

Hold the new filter up to the light and am I imagining it, or are those diffraction halos?

KoHi Labs filter

Anyway, having tested it, this new filter is the greatest thing since the Aeropress. Firstly, it filters almost every last bit of sediment from the coffee — my mug was practically spotless. And while the Able filter took significant pressure to force the drink through, this new filter lets the drink through more easily than a paper filter. In fact, inverted brewing might be a good idea.

So if you’re an Aeropress enthusiast, keep an eye open for when the KoHi filter hits stores. I strongly recommend it. (And no, I have no financial link to KoHi, other than as a satisfied customer.)