CFP: WG69 preliminary standards track meeting

ISO/IEC Working Group 69 will meet in June 2015 in Amsterdam. The meeting’s goal is to begin the discussion process for a new revision of ISO/IEC 58008: Sexual Fetishes and Their Encoding.

As you know, the international standard list of sexual fetishes has not been revised since ISO/IEC 58008-1994 was finalized by WG69 in Tokyo, adding tentacles and related pseudopodia to the list. While the internationalization effort has been broadly successful, recent surveys of the World Wide Web have identified over a dozen new fetishes which cannot be adequately described using the standard keywords approved for adult sites. In addition, the proponents of tattooed goth nurses, which were rejected during the last standards track, have identified additional supporting data and resubmitted their proposal.

Items for the initial discussion agenda should be submitted to the committee via e-mail or in a plain brown envelope.