Why I didn’t click on your Twitter link

Shock horror, people are starting to notice that nobody clicks on links that are posted to Twitter. As I’ve mentioned before, Twitter was never designed for sharing links and sucks at it. But since people persist in trying to use it that way and then wonder why nobody clicks on their links…

  1. You didn’t post any text to go with the link. No, I’m not going to pay Link Roulette, you need to tell me about why I should follow the link.

  2. You posted text, but it was something vague and uncompelling like “Check this out”. Again, you need to tell me why I should follow the link. If you can’t fit that and the link into 140 characters, then the simple answer is that you shouldn’t be posting it on Twitter as you’re wasting your time. Use Facebook, Google+, Diaspora*, your blog, Reddit, or pretty much any other social site.

  3. You tried to get past Twitter’s limits by using a URL obfuscator like fb.me or ow.ly or ift.tt. No, I’m not going to sit and wait for 3 or more HTTP redirections and run the risk of ending up on the Daily Mail or worse.

  4. You tried to get past Twitter’s limits by posting something long and chopping it up into bits with (1/6), (2/6) and so on after each line. You’re clearly not thinking and you’re using completely the wrong tool, so my eyes glazed over and I skipped everything you wrote. (I’m not kidding, more than 2 tweets in a row from the same person in my feed and I skip them all.)

  5. You posted a picture, but you posted it on Instagram or imgur or somewhere else. No, I’m not going over to some completely different site because you can’t be bothered to use the picture functionality that’s already in Twitter.

  6. You posted using a client program like Hootsuite that doesn’t enforce Twitter’s message length limits, and the URL was truncated. Get a client that doesn’t suck.

  7. You used a clickbait description about “This one weird trick”. Die in a fire.