9 March 2015

Random Apple thoughts

  • 38 models of Apple watch, presumably powered by the sound of Steve Jobs spinning in his grave.

    • Entry level price: $350 for the aluminium model.

    • You know what’s a really terrible material to make a watch casing out of? Aluminium. Soft metal. If you’re anything like me it’ll be covered in small dents after a year or two. Still, you can buy next year’s model then, right?

    • You want a watch that won’t dent up in no time? $550.

    • You want a gold Apple watch? It’ll cost you $10,000+ and the respect of everyone who isn’t a complete Donald Trump.

    • Battery life? They say “up to” 18 hours. According to the small print, that figure assumes 45 minutes of app use, 30 minutes of music playback, and a bunch of time checks. If you want heart rate monitoring, though, the maximum battery life is 7 hours, so better get a Fitbit.

    • Also, useless unless you have an iPhone. So for a lot of people, it’s not even an option; and for those who do currently have an iPhone, it’s a major piece of lock-in to prevent you changing your mind next year.

    • The new MacBook is now more expensive than the entry level MacBook Pro, and the same price as the new MacBook Pro. That seems a strange decision to me, the Air and Pro were already too similar.

    • The new laptop is a triumph of design minimalism over practicality: only one port, a USB port which you also use to charge it. Luckily you never want to use AC power and plug in USB devices at the same time, do you?

    • The new laptop also uses the new reversible USB Type C connector. In the long run, that’ll be great, and I look forward to it — but right now, it’s an excuse to gouge you another $80 for a dongle so you can plug in any existing USB device.

    • On the positive side: the rumored new keyboard layout turned out not to be reality.

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