Recommendations wanted: USB Audio & MIDI interface

I’m looking for a USB and MIDI interface, because M-Audio haven’t bothered to update the drivers for the one I have, so it doesn’t work with any current OSs.


  1. At least 1 audio in and 1 audio out.
  2. At least 1 MIDI in and 1 MIDI out.
  3. Standard audio jacks (not just XLR).
  4. Must be compatible with USB Device Class Definition for MIDI Devices.
  5. Must be compatible with USB Device Class Definition for Audio Devices, specifically USB Audio Class 2 or higher.

Requirements 4 & 5 mean NO ADDITIONAL DRIVERS, aka “class compliant”. It must be fully functional with bare OS X or Linux, standard USB drivers, and nothing else. I’ve been screwed once, I’m not gonna get screwed again.

Additional “would be nice” pluses:

  1. Basic mixing capability via a couple of analog gain controls on the audio in/out.
  2. Additional Core Audio/Core MIDI support (but must not be required).
  3. Bus powered.
  4. Support for >44.1khz >16bit audio.
  5. Not from M-Audio, for obvious reasons.

Other than that, obviously sound quality and low latency are the main requirements.

So, suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Recommendations wanted: USB Audio & MIDI interface

  1. The Alesis iO2? —

    So far as I can see it meets every single one of your requirements, with the only potential issue being whether you think 1/4″ or RCA is “standard” for home recording studio applications (it has 1/4″).

    In a spirit of full disclosure, the reason I know about this product is that I’m a former employee.

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