Joshua Ryne Goldberg

Back in August, right-wing web site Brietbart ran a number of articles from Milo Yiannopoulos claiming that Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King was secretly white. One of Yiannopoulos’s sources was Joshua Goldberg, aka MoonMetropolis, a GamerGate supporter since mid 2014 and hater of Anita Sarkeesian for years before that who e-mailed Yiannopoulos what he considered evidence of King’s faking his race. MoonMetropolis also offered Yiannopoulos tips on other stories.

Fast forward to Friday, and Joshua Goldberg was arrested by the FBI for his part in an alleged plot to carry out a bomb attack at the Kansas City Stair Climb, a 9/11 memorial event. A PDF copy of the criminal complaint is available.

Goldberg apparently posted photos of what he said was a pressure cooker bomb he was working on. He instructed another person (who turned out to be an FBI informant) to fill a similar bomb with nails, metal and other items dipped in rat poison.

It turns out that Goldberg was 20, Jewish, lived with his parents, and ran a wide variety of sockpuppet accounts.

One of those fake personas was an apparently Australian Muslim Jihadist who encouraged ISIS to attack the west. “Australi Witness” also encouraged people to attack an exhibition of pictures of the Prophet Mohammed in Texas, apparently successfully, and then gloated about the outcome.

Meanwhile as “Michael Slay”, Goldberg was a regular writer for Neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer. They have now pulled all his articles; the “Michael Slay” persona was apparently European88 on Reddit.

Then as “Tanya Cohen”, Goldberg wrote anti-free-speech articles (still up at the time of writing) pretending to be from a left wing feminist author. He also got an article published on Feministing, though it was apparently pulled down on September 4th, presumably because they discovered the author was a fake.

As “Emily Americana” Goldberg posted to Reddit, mostly in anti-“SJW” subreddits or to remind people of his other personas’ activities.

As MoonMetropolis he provided right wing commentary on articles, including those written by his other personas, and chatted to people on Twitter:

@antitumblrarchy Stormfront users also don't tend to openly advocate violence, which SJWs *constantly* do.

— Moon Metropolis (@MoonMetropolis) August 10, 2015

He also wasn’t above posting articles using other people’s names in an attempt to smear them, which is ultimately what led to his identity being uncovered.

Daily Beast writes:

Feds say Goldberg didn’t deny pushing the man toward a real-life attack in interviews with them. Goldberg even allegedly confessed to it all, telling the FBI he believed that his instructions would work, that the other person was serious about making a bomb and “would actually attempt to use them to kill and injure persons.”

Then Goldberg backtracked, according to the FBI, saying he hoped the wannabe terrorist would blow himself up making the bomb. If not, Goldberg said he would have called police just before the attack took place and then been hailed as a hero.

If convicted — and I’m guessing he will be — he apparently faces up to 20 years in prison.