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I carry a bag with me when I go places. I usually have some sort of electronic device, a camera, maybe some sunglasses, other assorted junk — more than will fit in pockets. I used to use army surplus canvas shoulder bags, but the quality dropped so fast during the 90s that eventually they would only last a year or two before developing major holes. Eventually I gave in and bought a Timbuk2 custom messenger bag. That was over 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve used it practically every day. Any time I leave the house, it goes with me.

Today I finally decided the bag was too scuffed up and faded, and looking embarrassingly shabby, so I’ve ordered a new Timbuk2 messenger bag.

I’ve gone the custom route again, partly because I’m now aware that I wear my bag left-handed, and partly because I wanted a custom design with waterproof fabric and reflective edging. What surprises me is that nobody else seems to be competing with Timbuk2. If you want a shoulder bag, and want it to last, I recommend them.

2 thoughts on “Man purses

  1. I’ve had a Timbuk2 messenger bag for close to 20 years now. It’s pretty tatty and I do need a new one but it’s still basically intact and functional – it’s lasted amazingly.

    The Tom Bihn Large Cafe bag looked nice but it’s hard to argue with a bag which you can be pretty confident will give you 10 years or longer.

    1. I looked at Tom Bihn too, yes. I’m a sucker for the customization options with Timbuk2 though, like the option for hammered waterproof fabric. (My old bag did pretty well in Costa Rica rainforest, but it clearly wasn’t completely waterproof.)

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