All purpose reply for Hillary Clinton supporters

“It’s outrageous that you are questioning Hillary Clinton’s (check as appropriate):

☐ flip-flopping over gay marriage

☐ voting to let George Bush take us to war in Iraq

☐ promising to oppose free trade agreements then secretly supporting them

☐ giving expensive paid speeches to Wall Street banks

☐ keeping her government e-mail on a private server and then deleting it

☐ taking millions of dollars of foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and not reporting tax properly

Meanwhile you are giving Bernie Sanders a free pass, based solely on the fact that he’s a man who didn’t do any of those things. It’s pure sexism.

Suggesting that Hillary Clinton didn’t deserve $200,000 per speech is sexism. Suggesting that President Hillary Clinton will give the bankers their $200,000 worth is also sexism.

Besides, Bernie Sanders simply isn’t a viable choice. The next President will need to be able to persuade Republicans in Congress to compromise. Bernie has no experience with that. Hillary has worked closely with Republicans during 8 separate Benghazi hearings, so clearly they’ll cooperate with her when she’s elected.

Polls may say that Hillary Clinton is the least trusted of any candidate except possibly Trump, but if she proved she had nothing to hide by releasing those speech transcripts it would merely legitimize the demands.”