Not exactly Stephen King

One summer in the 1980s a family of four took their RV into the depths of the Maine backwoods, and apparently stayed in it overnight. They were never seen again, but the vehicle itself is still glimpsed from time to time in the misty forests. According to local Micmac, it became possessed by the wandering cannibal spirit of the Wendigo — it became The Winnedigo.

If you see strangely yellow headlights of a Winnebago while vacationing in Maine, do not approach. If you see one with its doors hanging open, whatever you do, do not enter. If you smell strange meat cooking on its small gas burner, run away as quickly as you can. The Winnedigo fills the mind of man with malevolent cannibal impulses. You will be driven mad with hunger until you slaughter your family as they sit in their camping chairs.