Brexit the 4th

Now that he’s done his bit to destroy the UK, Nigel Farage has resigned. It seems absolutely nobody involved has the balls to stand up and lead the UK in completing the EU exit they campaigned for. Meanwhile, Nick Clegg wants a general election. Presumably since the Liberal Democrats are now the only party with functioning leadership, he smells opportunity, but I expect the only reason why the LibDem leader hasn’t resigned is that nobody knows who he is. At any rate, it’s unlikely that a general election would work out any better than the referendum did.

So again we see evidence that neither Trump nor the brexit campaigners have ever believed any of their own promises. The Tories played with fire by appealing to xenophobia, and now the country is paying.

“There will be no change for EU citizens already lawfully resident in the UK”, promised the Leave campaign. That’s another promise which is being walked back, including by Theresa May. Remember, she was responsible for the delightful go home or face arrest vans. Working on a similar principle, the National Front has put up posters in London.

Businesses who want to stay in the EU are trying to block brexit via legal means, while Paris starts romancing would-be exiting companies with the promise of a convenient location you can even commute to from London.

US confirms that the UK will now be at the back of the queue for trade deals. Europe matters; the UK, not so much. What will the UK’s trading position with the EU be? Nobody knows; as the EU’s top trade official said again, first you exit, then you negotiate. But who’s going to do the negotiating, when none of the people who campaigned for it are willing to do the job?