Brexit roundup for August

With the UK government on holiday it’s been quiet on the Brexit front, but I’ve been watching for news anyway. Here’s a quick roundup.

Police were warned to prioritize action on racist incidents after an explosion of racism after Brexit.

The UK is likely to be forced to drop out of Europol, which means no more data sharing in the fight against terrorism.

European nations keep repeating that no, there won’t be single market access without freedom of movement. UK citizens living in other nations are applying for passports. Overseas students who were supposed to be studying in the UK are canceling.

With no freedom of movement, there won’t be enough seasonal workers to pick fruits and vegetables, so expect higher prices.

With the UK expected to lose the market for clearing euro-denominated securities — a couple of trillion euro of business every day — the big banks are already planning to leave for Europe.

The London luxury housing market seems to be slumping, and could collapse. The economy in general is contracting, but pro-Brexit media are keen to point out that it hasn’t been a disaster yet. But like I’ve said before, we won’t know what the real effects are until after Article 50 is invoked, and the Tories are clearly very keen to procrastinate on that for as long as possible.

But hey, the writers of “Yes, Minister” have a new sketch about Brexit, so that’s good.