One thought on “The post-fact world

  1. I think there’s a lot in common between the Right’s unwillingness to listen to the mainstream newsmedia or scientists (e.g. on global warming), and the Left’s unwillingness to believe what police or district attorneys tell them, or the military (unless it happens to be something they believed already). As society has polarized, certain professions become associated with one part of the political spectrum. Professors and scientists are considered left-wing, law enforcement and the military are considered right wing. When people hear someone from these professions talking on a politically charged issue, they don’t hear “expert”, they hear “partisan from the other side”. Not “the one of us who knows most about these things”, but “one of them who knows a lot about those things”. That difference between “one of us” and “one of them”, makes the difference in whether or not the expertise matters.

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