The problem of nutrition

Sugar is harmless, then sugar is good. Saturated fat is bad, then saturated fat is harmless. Cholesterol is deadly, then cholesterol is harmless. Trans fats are good, then trans fats are deadly.

It’s easy to conclude that the science of nutrition is a mess. But in fact, we’re not doing too badly, considering how difficult a problem it is

2 thoughts on “The problem of nutrition

  1. I think the main problem with nutritional science, similar to the main problem with economics, is that we keep trying to make policy prescriptions when we don’t know enough to do that yet. Until a given field of science is mature enough to make good predictions (and both nutritional science and economics mostly fail at this), we should keep providing funds for research, but not use the given state of the field to formulate policy.

    That’s a difficult thing for society to do, though. The “expert in his/her field whose opinion on it cannot be trusted”, is not an intuitive archetype.

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