To err is human

Tad Devine

Well, this is an interesting sequence of events I just learned about.

Tad Devine works for the Democratic Party as senior strategist on the Al Gore election campaign.

Tad Devine works for the Democratic Party as senior adviser on the John Kerry election campaign.

Tad Devine works with Victor Yanukovych on his Prime Ministerial election campaign.

Tad Devine works with Paul Manafort on Victor Yanukovych’s Presidential campaign.

11 Nov 2014
Tad Devine talks about his hope that Bernie Sanders will run for President against Hillary Clinton. As Salon later puts it:

Devine, who guided party-backed candidates against political upstarts in 2000 and 2004, is now on the other side

12 Aug 2016
Two weeks after promising help, Tad Devine’s PR firm abandons Tim Canova’s campaign to oust Debbie Wasserman Shultz in the Florida primary.

22 Aug 2016
Tad Devine is revealed to have made at least $10m from the Bernie Sanders campaign, in addition to $5m paid to his company.

Probably nothing, but it doesn’t look good.