So that's what it takes

“He said being gay is a ’lifestyle choice’, said we should hate Islam, wrote that women should disconnect from the Internet and be restricted from becoming scientists, said Jews run everything, made Holocaust jokes…”

“They’re valid points of view.”

“He encouraged his fans to harass feminists and trans people.”

“That’s just words on the Internet.”

“He published people’s private information, photographs of their relatives, their addresses…”

“That’s not a crime.”

“His fans used the information to harass people until they stopped using the Internet.”

“You can’t hold him responsible for his followers, he didn’t mean that to happen.”

“He gloated about it afterwards in Breitbart articles.”

“Er… freedom of speech!”

“He mocked people in the audience at his rallies, singling them out by name for the audience to harass.”

“I said freedom of speech!”

“He swindled people out of money via a fake ‘reverse affirmative action’ program.”

“I’m sure it was just an unfortunate cashflow issue.”

“He said adult men should be allowed to have sex with 13-year-olds.”

“Now that’s unacceptable. Cancel his book! Cancel his CPAC speech! If only we had known he wasn’t a principled conservative…”