Panic in DC?

Guardian, 15 Feb 2017:

[Roger] Stone has called on the White House to order an immediate investigation through the Department of Justice over alleged improper links between members of the Trump inner circle and the Kremlin during the course of the 2016 presidential campaign.

That’s curious, given that he’s one of the people allegedly wiretapped in October over possible connections to Wikileaks. Still, he assures us he’s innocent, so perhaps he just wants to be exonerated.

But reading on…

In an interview with the Guardian, Stone appealed to Trump, whom he has been close to for almost 40 years, to convene an inquiry through Jeff Sessions, the newly appointed US attorney general. “The president should tell his attorney general that either he finds proof of this, or he puts it to bed and announces none of it happened.”

Aha. So what Roger Stone actually hoped was that Sessions would put the whole thing to bed.

Except Sessions was caught lying about not having had any contact with Russia during the 2016 campaign. So late last on Thursday he announced that he would recuse himself from any investigations involving Russia.

It now turns out that Trump didn’t know Sessions was going to recuse himself, and isn’t happy about it for some reason. I’m betting it was a surprise to Roger Stone too.

Now Trump is hysterically ranting about Obama-driven conspiracies, and Stone is suddenly very angry at various people on Twitter.

What can it all mean?