Preet Bharara

BakerHostetler represent hedge fund Hermitage Capital in their case against a Cyprus-based company called Prevezon, allegedly involved in laundering the proceeds of $230 million stolen from the Russian treasury.

Oct 2013
BakerHostetler suddenly changes sides, and begins representing Prevezon in the case.

BakerHostetler attack their former clients in a filing for Prevezon:

“Browder and his agents engaged in a series of misrepresentations to execute the fraud, to distance themselves from it, and to pin it on the Russian officials investigating Browder for a separate tax fraud his companies committed"

09 Dec 2015
US attorney Preet Bharara is investigating and prosecuting illegal Russian real estate deals involving Prevezon:

Prevezon and its subsidiaries are accused of moving stolen property through the U.S. banking system and of investing the interest and proceeds in various pieces of expensive Manhattan real estate, all in violation of U.S. anti-money laundering laws.

26 Mar 2016
Preet Bharara is feted in Turkey after the arrest of tycoon Reza Zarrab, an Iranian businessman who did business in Trump Tower Istanbul. The scandal involved evading US sanctions by trading gold for Iranian oil and gas.

?? May 2016
Chris Christie forms 501(c)4 group “Trump For America Inc”.

22 Sep 2016
Daily Beast publishes more details about the Prevezon/Hermitage case.

18 Oct 2016
BakerHostetler are disqualified from representing Prevezon.

03 Nov 2016
Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag requests that Reza Zarrab be returned to Turkey and his prosecution dropped.

Nov 2016
Trump For America Inc holds regular meetings and fundraisers at BakerHostetler. The firm begins touting its Trump connections, with its Federal Policy division being headed by ex-Congressman Mike Ferguson, who was co-chair of Chris Christie’s gubernatorial campaign.

30 Nov 2016
Preet Bharara is asked by Trump to stay on as US attorney.

16 Feb 2017
Fox News is placed under investigation for possible SEC violations to hide its payments to victims of sexual harassment.

08 Mar 2017
Preet Bharara is asked to investigate Donald Trump’s violation of the Emoluments Cause of the US Constitution.

10 Mar 2017
Trump suddenly fires Preet Bharara.