Russia timeline updates and Rudy Giuliani

A note about some recent Trump/Russia timeline additions.

As previously noted, the Rosneft sale — which Trump campaign people were allegedly offered the brokerage fees on — went via a shell corporation set up as a joint venture between a Swiss corporation called Glencore, and Qatar.

It turns out that Rudy Giuliani worked as a consultant for Rosneft, as well as for Qatar — and also for Alfa Bank in Russia which a Trump server kept connecting to for unknown reasons.

So, is Giuliani the mastermind behind the alleged deal? It’s rumored that he might be helping the FBI with their inquiries right about now.

As if that’s not enough, Giuliani has also been hired to represent Reza Zarrab, accused of running a money laundering and sanctions violating business — from Trump Tower Istanbul. The evidence against Zarrab? Wiretaps.