Tesla Model 3

C|net has the numbers comparing the Tesla Model 3 to the Chevy Bolt. Everyone has pictures.

My thoughts:

  1. Spec-wise, the Tesla is broadly comparable to the Chevy Bolt. I wasn’t expecting them to be so similar in raw numbers.

  2. I love minimalism, but that Tesla interior is just ugly. I could live with it if there was a head-up display, but there isn’t. The Bolt’s interior could use some simplification, but I think I prefer it. Two things I’m really sure about, having spent a decade driving a Prius, are (1) that I want a digital speedo, and (2) that I want it in front of me.

  3. An extra $1,000 to get the Tesla in any color other than black — even plain silver — is ludicrous. And no, I’m not going to drive a black car in Texas.

  4. Even more ridiculous is $5,000 to get the Tesla package with the premium audio. I hope the base audio is really good.

  5. Unlike the Model S, the Model 3 isn’t a hatchback.

I’m leaning towards the Bolt right now, though I’m not buying anything until Cheeto Mussolini is out of the White House.