Got a scary looking letter today starting:

As of the date of this letter, we have not received an insurance premium bill from your insurance company for the hazard policy that is associated with collateral securing the above referenced account.

It went on to say that my insurance – presumably home insurance – could be canceled. It was from a company called “ditech financial LLC”.

The problem was, I had never heard of ditech financial LLC. I searched my database for “ditech” and got no matches anywhere.

I did a few web searches to see if it might be a well known scam. One of those picked up a lawsuit in which ditech was named as “f/k/a Green Tree Servicing”. Another quick search revealed that they changed name in 2015. The name Green Tree rang a bell, so I searched my database again, and instantly pulled up a PDF of a letter I wrote in 2014. My letter started out “Hopefully by now you’ve noticed that I refinanced my mortgage and I’m no longer a client of yours.” Apparently that was optimism on my part. My complaint in the letter was that they messed up and double-dipped from my bank account.

So four years after I sent them a letter telling them I was no longer their customer because they messed up, they’re still sending me warning letters about a nonexistent account. I’m going to guess that they haven’t improved their attention to detail in the intervening years.