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Republican death cult removes the mask

Starting to see the stories of horrific COVID-19 deaths appearing in the media. On Fox News, Hannity read off a letter listing ingredients for a quack preventative for coronavirus.

After Trump mentioned chloroquine phosphate as a cure for the coronavirus, a man in Arizona ingested it, and died.

Trump had to shut down almost all his hotels, including the ones that make him most of his income. In an amazing coincidence, he has started to talk about wanting to ignore experts and lift the coronavirus lockdowns soon.

Matthew Dowd of ABC News agrees with the President that perhaps large numbers of people should die for the good of the economy.

Dan Patrick, Lt Governor of Texas, thinks old people should volunteer to die to save the economy.

I had a somewhat productive day at work, played Animal Crossing, and then played The Division 2 for a bit.

Tomorrow Austin goes on lockdown. I’ve read the proposal and it basically means everyone is going to be legally required to do what we’ve been doing for a week and a half or so, so I’m not upset at all.