Plague journal


Woke up yesterday from dreaming about Bill Hicks. An Austin startup had worked out how to bring him from his timeline to ours. He was still going to die of pancreatic cancer at 32, but they could scoop him into the present day for one last sellout performance.

Since this is a dystopian SF timeline we’re in, you can download the SARS-nCoV-1 genome on the Internet. Maybe you can turn it into a pretty picture or a piece of music?

Probably thanks to Mardi Gras, Louisiana how has the fastest coronavirus growth rate. Florida will probably be next to see a big leap because of spring break. Mississippi is refusing any kind of lockdown. Here in Austin, dozens of people were spotted going out for a swim at Barton Springs.

Our local supermarket chain did a better job of preparing than the Trump administration.

Today US unemployment rose by four times the record set in the 80s.

I now know two people who are symptomatic and have been tested for coronavirus, but neither has the lab results yet because the labs are backed up. Both were also tested for flu and know it isn’t that, though.