Plague journal

Animal Crossing day

Today rothko went to the supermarket so we could restock a few items. She went alone, the idea being that two of us in the supermarket have a bigger chance of getting infected than one of us. She also went in the morning, to try and avoid as many people as possible, and wore disposable gloves. When she got back we wiped everything down with bleach wipes before putting it away.

Meanwhile in Florida, following on from spring break partying, there’s a major uptick in people with a fever. The only other place seeing a spike like that is NYC. If those fevers are coronavirus, there could be a lot of dead elderly people in Florida in a few weeks.

The USA is now outpacing every country except China for coronavirus infection spread, and we haven’t even started serious testing yet. But I’m going to continue with social distancing and other precautions, because if we end up with a hundred thousand dead — or even perhaps a million — I don’t want that on my conscience.

Today was the release day for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s an incredibly chill life simulator that’s played in real time. People play it for years. I’m counting on it to get me through the rest of 2020. For the few hours I played it after work, I literally forgot that coronavirus was a thing, and found myself smiling.