Plague journal

Losing count

I miss restaurants. Cafés too. Eating out or going for coffee was one of life’s little pleasures, and a signpost that helped me remember where in the week we were. Now the days have started to run into each other like one big formless gray existence.

Some people are still deep in denial. You can show them the graphs, and they’ll say that all the other countries undercounted their cases but that the US is counting them accurately, and that’s why the US looks like it’s doing worse then literally every other country.

People in Florida are still packing the beaches. Trump supporters are still throwing coronavirus parties, even though that guy who claimed COVID-19 was a media plot against Trump has now died from it. Even Trump supporters who’ve spent days in the ICU won’t take it seriously.

I got a face mask in Animal Crossing a couple of days ago. Yesterday a gift balloon dropped me some toilet paper, one of the animals taught me how to sneeze, and another animal got sick. I’m convinced Nintendo have deliberately tailored the game to help us process the current situation. Given their track record of fitness products, and the care they’ve taken to things like gender issues in the new Animal Crossing, it doesn’t seem unlikely.