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Texas relaxes lockdown, or does it?

Greg Abbott decided it was time for Texas to reopen, in spite of the opinions of experts.

In spite of Greg Abbott, all the restaurants whose mailing lists I’m on have been e-mailing me to say that no, they aren’t opening their dining rooms up yet, it’s still takeout service only for now.

We went to get groceries this morning (curbside pickup, not going into the store), and it looks as if Austin is still mostly wearing masks and distancing.

I trimmed my hair a little this morning with the clippers.

I’ve been thinking about my wish list for what I want to see if I’m going to start going back to normal life. Here’s my list so far:

  • Contact notification available via Apple/Google privacy-protecting app.

  • Tests readily available.

  • Scientists know how the disease kills people and hence how to treat it.

  • Deaths per day and new cases per day going down. CDC guidelines are that you should see a 2 week drop, which seems reasonable given how long people can have coronavirus and be infectious but asymptomatic.

Bruce Scheier has a disappointing take on exposure tracking apps. Sure, without tests, exposure tracking apps are useless. But without tests, practically everything apart from staying at home is useless. The point of an exposure tracking app is that if I get an alert, I can go get tested, and be vigilant about possible symptoms.