11 March 2018

Evernote vs DEVONthink and GTD

One of the things that attracted me to computers is their ability to remember large amounts of information and retrieve it quickly. I was an early adopter of electronic organizers, back when the state of the art was a Psion Organiser. I later upgraded to a Casio Digital Diary, then eventually to various Palm Pilot devices, an Apple Newton, and so on. The PDA craze brought in desktop sync, and for the first time I could prepare entire databases of information and put them on my device for easy access. ... Read more

6 March 2018


Got a scary looking letter today starting: As of the date of this letter, we have not received an insurance premium bill from your insurance company for the hazard policy that is associated with collateral securing the above referenced account. It went on to say that my insurance – presumably home insurance – could be canceled. It was from a company called “ditech financial LLC”. The problem was, I had never heard of ditech financial LLC. ... Read more

22 February 2018

Video game idea

Imagine the following team-based First Person Shooter: The map is a realistic model of a school, complete with blind spots and separated buildings. Random AI-controlled schoolchildren are everywhere, acting unpredictably as they panic and try to run to safety. Most of the players are randomly assigned to play one of the following (adult avatar) roles: Armed uniformed police officer. Armed teacher. Armed parent who happened to be visiting the school. ... Read more

18 February 2018

Nuke study

With the Trump regime talking about a nuclear first strike against North Korea, here’s a fragment of an article from Harper’s Magazine, December 2017, talking about how bad things could get: A 2006 study by the Rand Corporation calculated the effects of such a nuclear detonation at the Port of Long Beach, California. The weapon was presumed to be two thirds as powerful as the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945. ... Read more

16 February 2018

Guns and the mentally ill

So, another mass shooting at a school, and the same memes go around. I mostly have nothing to say — wake me when Republicans decide that there’s something more important than NRA money. However, there’s one small point I’d like to make regarding memes going around about Republicans and Trump making it easier for the mentally ill to buy guns. Memes like this: Let me start with some positioning: Yes, the meme says “this year” when in fact the vote was a year ago. ... Read more

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