16 March 2010


At Staple! (the Austin Independent Media Expo), I met rkmilholland, creator of Something*Positive and various other web comics. He asked if I read the comic. I said (truthfully) that I had read a few. He said thanks, and asked if he could draw me something. Obviously, I suggested a parakeet. He didn’t seem really sure on what a parakeet looked like, so I said to go with a parrot. I suddenly find myself wondering if the real-life PeeJee isn’t the Asian girl with blue hair who used to hang around Diesel Cafe in 2002-2003. ... Read more

13 March 2010

I don’t have the answer, but here’s the problem

A common trap we fall into is to assume that if we could only be someone else, we would be happy. I remember as a lonely single person, thinking that it must be so easy for the hot Asian babes of the world. Later, when I got to know a few hot Asian babes, I discovered that they’re just as unhappy as everyone else. (In fact, possibly more so, because of all the sleazy guys fetishizing them. ... Read more

13 March 2010

The man who dies every day

A month ago, I wrote about myself and other myths–some interesting scientific results from research into the nature of consciousness. I missed a couple, however. For many years, scientists have studied the nature of sleep, and of dreams. These studies have started to overlap with those looking at the nature of consciousness. One experiment involves stimulating the brain using transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS, and watching the outcome on an FMRI scanner as the patient is gradually anesthetized or allowed to fall asleep. ... Read more

12 March 2010

Headphones, spectacles, headsets and music

A couple of weeks ago, I realized that my trusty full-size headphones were incompatible with my glasses. It wasn’t the fact that they pushed my ears up against the arms of the glasses and made them sore that clued me in, though you might have thought it would have. No, it was when they pushed my glasses sideways enough to push a sore spot onto the side of my nose. I suppose I could wear different glasses, but I really like these. ... Read more

8 March 2010

Metroid Prime Trilogy (includes fanboyism)

I was at Staple!: The Independent Media Expo at the weekend. As I browsed the stalls, I wandered into range of a conversation between (I think) a guy from Dreampunk Productions, and someone who mentioned that he was a video game developer. Nothing unusual so far, there are a lot of video game developers around Austin. They were talking about a comic strip I hadn’t heard of, and the artists’ interest in making a video game about it–also not unusual. ... Read more

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