27 February 2010

Fun game for car journeys

From “Stay Free” magazine: Here’s a road-trip game that won’t exactly change the world but will at least give you a laugh at SUV drivers’ expense. Take almost any SUV model (the Ford Explorer, for instance), add “Anal” to the title, and— presto!—you have the Anal Explorer, or the Anal Rodeo, or whatever. There’s something about SUVs that makes them more conducive to this semiotic game of revenge than cars (the Anal Civic doesn’t really work, nor does the Anal Camry). ... Read more

23 February 2010

Maybe nanny doesn’t know best?

Joel Johnson, Gizmodo, 2010-02-03: It’s taken me a couple of days for me to understand the wet sickness I felt in response to all the post-iPad whining, until it finally came up in a sputtering lump: disgust. The iPad isn’t a threat to anything except the success of inferior products. […] This noxious attitude has permeated our tech culture for the last couple of decades, from a half-decade of open-source devotees crying about Microsoft on Slashdot, on toward the last few years of Apple ascendency. ... Read more

11 February 2010

Horses for courses

Last night I dreamed that we got a new pet. A horse. Except it was a micro-horse, about the size of a hamster. It loved to gallop across the floor and jump into my hands. I was a little concerned about how manageable a pet it would be once it grew to full horse size. Since this was one of my dreams, obviously the horse could speak too. I decided that eventually it would need to be an outdoor pet, so I’d better tell it about man’s relationship with horses so that it wouldn’t be surprised. ... Read more

8 February 2010

“Of Parrots And People” by Mira Tweti

Full title: Of Parrots and People: The Sometimes Funny, Always Fascinating, and Often Catastrophic Collision of Two Intelligent Species This is an important book. It’s not an easy book to read, by any means, but if you’ve ever considered getting any kind of parrot as a pet, you need to read this book. (Yes, the author’s real name is “Tweti”, and yes, it’s pronounced “tweety”.) There are estimated to be 50-60 million pet parrots in the USA. ... Read more

31 January 2010

The nightmare scenario

2007: Apple introduces OS X 10.5, with its new quarantine feature. Applications which are downloaded from the Internet now show a warning dialog if you try to run them. At the same time, support is added for code signing, and notes that the user is likely to be bothered with additional dialog boxes and prompts for unsigned code that they don’t see with signed code. Developers are advised that they should sign all code. ... Read more

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