4 February 2009

On stimuli

The Republicans in Congress have issued a list of stimulus package line items they consider wasteful . Looking at the list, it’s pretty easy to deduce how Republicans see the world: anything related to energy efficiency, pollution reduction, government infrastructure or public health is “wasteful”. Oh, sure, there are a few stupid items. $246m for Hollywood to buy film with is a waste of money; there are already more crappy Hollywood movies being released than anyone wants to go watch, and film is a dying technology anyway. ... Read more

3 February 2009

iLife 09: iPhoto

I have a confession to make: until this year, I didn’t have all my photos in a properly cataloged database. I’d tried various programs, but none of them quite satisfied me. iView MediaPro seemed to have bugs in its ITPC handling. I e-mailed their support address reporting the problems, and got no reply at all. Then they were bought by Microsoft, so that was that. QPict works well as a browser for large numbers of random files, but I don’t find it a very helpful tool for organizing them. ... Read more

28 January 2009

CP 1222 00334466 [updated x2]

I had a mysterious charge show up on my credit card bill. The only identifying information was CP 1222 00334466. By using Google and pondering for a while, I came to the conclusion that it was the World Market store on Brodie Lane, whose parent company is Cost Plus. The 1222 00334466 part is some kind of state-mandated identity number. 2009-12-27: ████ ██████ [who is apparently scared of people learning where he gets gas] wrote to me about this post, saying that he discovered it was the Philips gas station on South Lamar; so CP in that case would be Conoco Philips. ... Read more

26 January 2009

Let them eat cake!

Last week I found myself in Cissi’s Wine Bar on South Congress. If you know me, you might be thinking that I’m not really the wine bar type. It’s true, and I think it was the first time I’d ever been in one. However, they were having a special event which involved free desserts, and that is my vice. Belgian Ale Doughnuts are awesome, especially when dipped in caramel sauce. ... Read more

19 January 2009

The inevitable happened

I got bitten by a squirrel. It wasn’t really her fault. She was hungry and nervous, and went for what looked like a tasty peanut, and discovered it was a finger. She stopped biting as soon as she realized, but because she was in a hurry she bit far enough to break the skin. That’s the point at which a lot of people would be yelling “Oh my god! Rabies! Help! ... Read more

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