3 May 2009

Kindle 2 review

I bought an Amazon Kindle 2 earlier this year. I’ve now read several novels and a bunch of short stories on it, as well as two magazines and a newspaper. I feel I know the device well enough to be able to review it. Mobile phones are all about bling. Fancy cases, custom screensavers, custom ringtones, and so on. The iPhone has upped the ante as far as bright candy-colored animated buttons, slick animations, and throwaway gimmick applications. ... Read more

23 April 2009

Sheikh, rattle, roll over, and set on fire

After a recent Independent article on the dark side of Dubai, there were a few people who thought the article was unfairly bashing the jewel of the United Arab Emirates. Well, now the US’s ABC news has gone public with video recordings from neighboring Abu Dhabi. They show a UAE police officer torturing someone: A man in a UAE police uniform is seen on the tape tying the victim’s arms and legs, and later holding him down as the Sheikh pours salt on the man’s wounds and then drives over him with his Mercedes SUV. ... Read more

20 April 2009

The wisdom of Slashdot

User rho explaining why case-sensitivity is the right default: IMO it’s preferable for software to not assume that “Helped my uncle Jack off a horse.” and “Helped my uncle jack off a horse.” are the same thing. I must remember to include that in my unit tests.

20 April 2009

2 wheels good, 3 wheels better

For years now, I’ve been curious about recumbent trikes. It turns out that Austin has a recumbent store, Easy Street Recumbents, and they had a mini show today. We went along and took a look. I tried out three trikes: the Catrike Villager, the TerraTrike Path, and the Scarab 2026. The Catrike was first. Setting off I was immediately struck by how comfortable it was compared to a regular bike, probably because of the relatively upright seating. ... Read more

17 April 2009

National Poetry Month

One of my favorite poets is Laurence Lerner. Here’s a belated seasonal example: Three poems for Lent For forty days, rain. Death of cattle, mud, Drowned birds, torn trees, dead reptiles — the sky dark And mankind dead. Weather or sin, the flood, The hidden mountains, and above all, the ark. For forty days, Christ in the wilderness, Tempted, and hungry: stones, still stones, not bread. Kingdoms, but not for him. ... Read more

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