21 February 2009

Bromeliad adventures

We went to Whole Foods to get a few grocery items. In particular, we needed fresh coffee, and they had coffee which was so freshly roasted that it was still warm. They also had a small stand with free samples of pineapple. I like pineapple, so I tried some. It was delicious–quite the sweetest, most delightful bit of pineapple I’d tasted in a long time. I looked at the sign. For under $5, an entire pineapple could be mine. ... Read more

18 February 2009

Headphone review: Sennheiser CX300

Back in 1988, I bought some Sony fontopia earbud headphones. They were one of the earliest varieties to have a silicone moulded cover that tried to direct the sound into the ear, rather than leaking it everywhere. I still have them, they still work, and I still use them. Ten years later I decided I needed a second pair for use in the office, so I went and found the nearest modern equivalent. ... Read more

16 February 2009

Crayon names

I just learned that in 1997, Crayola introduced a color they call Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown . As fans of Dad’s Army may know, Fuzzy-Wuzzy was a colonialist term for the Hadendoa warriors. As such, “Fuzzy-Wuzzy Brown” is a truly unfortunate choice of name for a crayon. Given that Crayola already had to rename “Indian red” because people thought it was racist, you’d think they’d do a few Google searches before launching any new name. ... Read more

16 February 2009

Rush judgement

Rush Limbaugh opines : There was a promise from the Obama administration, the new era of responsibility and transparency, that all such legislation would be posted on the Internet for five days so that the public could read what is being voted on. Ain’t going to happen. In addition, they have reformatted the bill. They’ve made it a PDF file when they posted it. Now, for those of you that don’t use computers, basically what that means is that it cannot be keyword searched. ... Read more

10 February 2009

Musical fantasy

Florian Schneider gets back together with Karl Bartos and Wolfgang Flür. Freed from Ralf Hütter’s obsessive perfectionism, they find themselves able to release a new album every few years.

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