13 March 2009

Kindle and Amazon and the DMCA

Amazon have misused the DMCA to demand takedown of a file called azw-0.1.zip. Since I have both the archive file and a Kindle, and have used both together, I can explain what’s really going on. Hopefully this will clear up some of the misinformation floating around. The code in the disputed zip file is written in Python. It calculates the Mobipocket PID for your Kindle, based on the serial number written on the back. ... Read more

12 March 2009

.. .–. — -..

I thought the old iPod Shuffle clip-on was as ridiculously small as they could take it. Other than prisoners in jail, did anyone actually need the Shuffle to be even smaller? Are there people out there who are happy to learn morse code to control an MP3 player? People who are delighted at the idea of a proprietary headphone connector, so they either have to buy special headphones, or spend $15 on an adaptor that puts the controls right back next to the iPod where they used to be? ... Read more

12 March 2009

Solving the UK’s knife crime problem

From the Daily Telegraph: Gordon Brown should levy a tax on violent video games to help tackle knife crime, according to the Richard Taylor, the father of murdered schoolboy Damilola Taylor. […] The Tackling Knives Action Plan is a £2million programme aimed at reducing deaths and serious violence among teenagers due to knives. Violent games are “too cheap” and taxes on them should be “very high”, Mr Taylor told MPs. ... Read more

2 March 2009


List of people to maybe try and sneak in to see at SXSW 2009 (because $600 is way too fucking expensive and the ticket prices have turned it into an industry trade show): Explosions in the Sky (who I didn’t know are from Austin) NASA Ulrich Schnauss And in the “Yeah, like there will be any space to sneak into that” category: Margaret Cho DEVO

21 February 2009

Bromeliad adventures

We went to Whole Foods to get a few grocery items. In particular, we needed fresh coffee, and they had coffee which was so freshly roasted that it was still warm. They also had a small stand with free samples of pineapple. I like pineapple, so I tried some. It was delicious–quite the sweetest, most delightful bit of pineapple I’d tasted in a long time. I looked at the sign. For under $5, an entire pineapple could be mine. ... Read more

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