6 February 2009

Disney/ABC/ESPN and Net Neutrality

As you’ll know if you’ve read my previous rants about how broken the TV industry is , the reason why cable and satellite is so expensive is that Disney won’t let carriers offer you ABC unless they also bundle ESPN into their base package; and ESPN is one of the most expensive channels. Well, ESPN are trying to do the same thing with your Internet connection . They’re “offering” ISPs the option of paying a per-subscriber fee, in return for which their subscribers will be allowed to watch ESPN streaming video. ... Read more

4 February 2009

On stimuli

The Republicans in Congress have issued a list of stimulus package line items they consider wasteful . Looking at the list, it’s pretty easy to deduce how Republicans see the world: anything related to energy efficiency, pollution reduction, government infrastructure or public health is “wasteful”. Oh, sure, there are a few stupid items. $246m for Hollywood to buy film with is a waste of money; there are already more crappy Hollywood movies being released than anyone wants to go watch, and film is a dying technology anyway. ... Read more

3 February 2009

iLife 09: iPhoto

I have a confession to make: until this year, I didn’t have all my photos in a properly cataloged database. I’d tried various programs, but none of them quite satisfied me. iView MediaPro seemed to have bugs in its ITPC handling. I e-mailed their support address reporting the problems, and got no reply at all. Then they were bought by Microsoft, so that was that. QPict works well as a browser for large numbers of random files, but I don’t find it a very helpful tool for organizing them. ... Read more

28 January 2009

CP 1222 00334466 [updated x2]

I had a mysterious charge show up on my credit card bill. The only identifying information was CP 1222 00334466. By using Google and pondering for a while, I came to the conclusion that it was the World Market store on Brodie Lane, whose parent company is Cost Plus. The 1222 00334466 part is some kind of state-mandated identity number. 2009-12-27: ████ ██████ [who is apparently scared of people learning where he gets gas] wrote to me about this post, saying that he discovered it was the Philips gas station on South Lamar; so CP in that case would be Conoco Philips. ... Read more

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