18 July 2008

Unintentional political comment

The Science Museum of Minnesota plans to shut down during the Republican National Convention next year so it can host convention events. Presumably they’ll cover up the scary exhibits with drop cloths.

18 July 2008

Console wars

GamePro reports NPD sales data: Console June sales Wii 666,700 PS3 405,500 Xbox 360 219,800 PS2 188,800 Of note, these are sales to end users, not number of consoles shipped; Microsoft prefers to cite the latter. The Wii is now the #1 console in the US by installed base. ... Read more

16 July 2008

Man of the times

“And I regret some of the recent behavior Russia that has exhibited, and I’ll be glad to talk about that later on including reduction in oil supplies to Czechoslovakia after they agreed with us on a missile defense system, etcetera.” — John McCain, 2008-07-15. Still, he’s learning to use The Interwebs. Right now if he needs to see a web site or e-mail he has his staff show it to him, because he can’t operate a web browser. ... Read more

12 July 2008

The thing with feathers

Chester the parakeet has been molting for several weeks now. Shortly after he started, I decided to collect the feathers. A pillow is out of the question, but I think I want to put them on a black background and photograph them. It’s quite amazing how many feathers a small bird can shed; at the worst point, about 20 per day. Molting is a tough time for birds, and the process has made him itchy and cranky. ... Read more

11 July 2008

Fourth of July

A friend from New Zealand celebrated her first 4th of July as a new US Citizen by throwing a big “white trash” themed 4th of July barbecue. Having completed 10 years of US residence in January, I’d been considering throwing a red, white and blue stars-and-stripes overkill party, but events had conspired against it. So when the invite to the barbecue arrived, we said “Hell yeah!“ ... Read more

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