7 July 2008

AVC Travel

Got a phone call a while back from a company claiming I had won a contest with a prize of an SUV or a cruise. Since that’s not the kind of thing I’d want to win, I was immediately suspicious. The fact that they had fake caller ID info didn’t help. I told them I was pretty certain I hadn’t entered any such contest, and if they thought otherwise they could send me some info in the mail. ... Read more

2 July 2008

Boris Johnson is mayor of London. Or is he?

The UK recently held an election for Mayor of London. Boris Johnson, a Tory crackpot, got elected. Or did he? The election was counted electronically. It turns out that monitoring screens mostly showed meaningless data, most observers were unable to observe the votes being counted, the company set up to run the election says the machines were probably counting blank ballots, and nobody has been allowed to audit the software. ... Read more

1 July 2008

Because LJ drama just doesn’t pique my interest any more

Boing Boing went back and quietly deleted everything they had ever posted about Violet Blue, a sex columnist who has written for WIRED, the SF Chronicle web site, and other places. At some point, somebody noticed. Various people got irate. Violet Blue said she had no idea why all the posts were removed. Boing Boing initially tried to ride out the storm by ignoring it, but eventually too many people wrote about it. ... Read more

1 July 2008

Hospital imitates Monty Python sketch

There’s a story in the news about a woman who dropped dead in the waiting room of a hospital. She slid off the chair and ended up face down in the corner of the room. Nobody else in the room did anything. It was 45 minutes until another patient drew attention to the corpse. There’s video. Maybe I’m fooling myself, but I’d like to think I’d have at least called out “Hey, you in the corner, face down on the floor, are you OK? ... Read more

1 July 2008


In case you missed it: Congress just passed a new law that will stop your capital — or at least a good portion of it — at the border, should you decide not to be a U.S. citizen anymore. Is it, perhaps, in preparation for the possibility that Americans might rebel at the debt and taxes incurred by their government by leaving for lower-tax locales? You probably didn’t notice this little provision inserted into the Heroes Act of 2008, passed by Congress on June 17. ... Read more

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