19 September 2008

Palin & McCain: similarities and differences

Sarah Palin can “just put down the BlackBerry and pick up the breast pump”. John McCain invented the BlackBerry. Sarah Palin describes herself as a pit bull with lipstick. John McCain described his wife as plastering on the makeup like a trollop. John McCain has always been very concerned about ‘pork barrel’ spending. Sarah Palin has always been very concerned about obtaining ‘pork barrel’ funds. ... Read more

16 September 2008

Another first

As far as I know, this is the first time I’ve been to a party that has been mentioned in a newspaper afterwards. The build-your-own pizza was delicious. I don’t know whether Ecstatic Cuisine have secret ingredients, but throwing everything that sounded good onto the pizza worked very well for me. I was scared that I would discover I had slipped on my weight loss regimen… But no, today the Wii confirmed that I have continued the same downward trend. ... Read more

2 September 2008

Music dream

Last night I dreamed that I met Bev Bevan. I tried not to be a fanboy. I mentioned that I really didn’t like “Discovery”, except for the final track–which of course is dominated by his drumming. He replied that the album had been a difficult time for the band, and that that one track had been the one where it actually seemed like they were working together again. I wanted to ask about whether he had patched things up with Jeff Lynne, but knew that would be a bad idea. ... Read more

29 August 2008

You were expecting Kucinich?

I’ve been a bit bemused by the anger over Obama picking Biden. It’s pretty obvious why he was the pick. Obama had been heavily criticized for (a) lack of experience, (b) being a secret Muslim, © being a drug user, and (d) shamelessly flip-flopping on the FISA vote. Biden is (a) one of the longest-serving Democrats, (b) a devout Christian, © the guy who brought us the Drug Czar of the War On Drugs, and (d) one of the few Democrats to vote against FISA. ... Read more

27 August 2008

Pet angst

Once Chester had finished his molt, he began growing new a lot of new feathers. This included his flight feathers. The flight feathers are the outermost 6 feathers on the trailing edge of each wing. When the bird has his wings folded on his back, they stick out at the bottom. If the flight feathers are clipped back so that they no longer protrude beneath the wing when it’s folded, then when the wing is unfolded the bird can’t gain enough lift to gain altitude. ... Read more

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