25 November 2008

New budgie, day 2

This morning I put some seed on a piece of paper so she could “forage”. She seems to prefer eating that way. I let both birds out. Today they are getting on well. They just sat together for about 10 minutes, with Chester quietly preening the new girlie. However, the only place where she felt secure enough for that was on my shoulder, snuggled against the back of my neck. Nevertheless, it seems clear to me now that they’re going to be good friends. ... Read more

24 November 2008

Even parity

We got a call from Gallery of Pets saying that they had taken delivery of two hand-raised budgies. We drove up yesterday evening to check them out. We came home with a new bird, a small temporary cage, some new toys, and some new veggie-enriched food. The new bird is very young, barely fully-fledged. Her cheek patches are still stick feathers, and her vent is bare. She seems to be a climber. ... Read more

19 November 2008

Hey Cosmo, bite me

Just got a robocall that said “is sending you a hey cosmo blast, press 1 to hear the message”. That’s right, no indication of who, it just started with the word “is”. For obvious reasons, I didn’t push 1. Google searches suggest that the company responsible is http://www.heycosmo.com/ On the off chance someone I know tried to use that site to send me a message: it failed. My money’s on someone trying to use it to spam, though. ... Read more

13 November 2008

Budgie update

Chester has continued to be well-behaved, so we’ve let him keep his flight feathers. He flies around, but he lands in places we’ve taught him are safe–windowsills, his play gym, and so on. He now likes to come out of his cage most days. He’ll typically want to sit with me for an hour or so when I’m working. Weekends, we’ve been sitting on our back deck with him, by taking his cage outside. ... Read more

11 November 2008

My trip to cotton wool world

The problem started on Sunday morning. My back felt a little stiff, but not unusually so given the weather. The day continued in a relaxed and pleasant way, with coffee, sunshine, and then some moderately satisfying games of Team Fortress 2. At 7pm, I went to get up off the couch and get a drink, and realized that something was badly wrong. My back was sore and stiff. I used the heat pad for a while, took some aspirin, and had an early night. ... Read more

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