Pay-per-view monkey porn

Scientists at Duke University came up with an interesting experiment. They set up a system to let monkeys pay in fruit juice to see pictures of other monkeys. They discovered that male monkeys would pay good juice to see crotch-shots of female monkeys. They were also willing to pay to see photos of high-status monkey celebrities, but had to be paid to look at pictures of low-status monkeys. I guess we’re not all that distant from our genetic cousins after all.

The Unbearable Darkness of Being (German)

Theodore Dalrymple writes about the German psyche, and how even now Germans find it hard to feel national pride, or even anger at what was done to them in Dresden. My German roots are distant enough that I’ll have to take his word for that. However, he then goes on to diagnose a deep malaise in modern Germany: The urban environment of Germany, whose towns and cities were once among the most beautiful in the world, second only to Italy’s, is now a wasteland of functional yet discordant modern architecture, soulless and incapable of inspiring anything but a vague existential unease, with a sense of impermanence and unreality that mere prosperity can do nothing to dispel.

SmogBuster tested by scientists, turns out to be useless, film at 11

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stick something the size of a quarter on the gas tank of your car and suddenly get better fuel efficiency? The OCN SmogBuster™ Disc is a custom holographic disc that is able to store and project proprietary programming that affects the properties of the gasoline or diesel fuel, causing it to burn cleaner and more efficiently. The press release has more details:

Back that ass up

Ever wonder who has exclusive ownership of the phrase “Back that ass up”? Well, now the question can be answered: In its Jan. 13 opinion, the 5th Circuit sets out the following facts: In 1997, both rappers recorded songs with similar titles—D.J. Jubilee, also known as Jerome Temple, recorded “Back That Ass Up,” while Juvenile, also known as Terius Gray, recorded “Back That Azz Up.” […] After a 2003 trial, a jury ruled in favor of defendant Juvenile, finding that D.

Where the hell are we going today?

A little fun from the RISKS digest: Go to In the Start section, select “Norway” from the listbox and enter “Haugesund” into the “City” field In the End section, select “Norway” from the listbox and enter “Trondheim” into the “City” field Click on “Get Directions” Enjoy!

Get knotted

I could never deal with the standard shoelace knot. I think it was the lack of symmetry, combined with my moderate ambidexterity; it was aesthetically unappealing and hard to master. Hence, for most of my life I have tied my shoelaces with a bunny ears knot. However, the change from habitually wearing trainers to wearing actual shoes has meant the use of slippery, circular cross-section shoelaces. This in turn has led to annoyingly frequent knot slippage.

Support our Barbarians

The Guardian yesterday had interesting news from Iraq: Babylon, a city renowned for its beauty and its splendour 1,000 years before Europe built anything comparable, was chosen as the site for a US military base in April 2003, just after the invasion of Iraq. Military commanders set up their camp in the heart of one of the world’s most important archaeological sites and surrounded the enclosed part of the ancient city.

How the universe works

This is how the universe works: The day when you decide “Oh, to hell with it, I’m not going to bother shaving!” is the day when the VP will decide he wants to meet you. I’m back in Austin. The second flight was delayed, but not too badly. I sat and listened to This American Life, which I had downloaded to the Zodiac 2. One episode was about people who love their cars entirely too much, and I’m starting to understand that—it was good to see the round butt of a Prius again.

Vegas again

Well, here I am back in Las Vegas for another big IBM event. The flight here was pretty uneventful, except that I was so early to the airport that I was able to get bumped up to a standby seat on an earlier flight to Dallas, giving me time for a relaxed (albeit crappy) lunch. When I arrived at the Venetian Hotel in Vegas, they didn’t have a reservation for me.


Recently when I’ve searched on Google, I’ve noticed increasing numbers of ads that end with “aff.” For example: RAM Memory Upgrades 100% Compatible Memory for Desktops Laptops & Printers. Free Ship! Aff Gerbil for sale. aff. Check out the deals now! Disturbing Ghost Footage warning: very freaky -aff. All real examples, and the last was the result of searching for “Korean”, believe it or not. Anyway, at first I thought “aff.