9 November 2016

It’s the small details that stick with you

I worked the election all day, starting at 5:45am so everything could be ready by 7am. Just before the polls closed at 7pm, a Latina woman and her elderly mother came in. One of them had no suitable ID, and we couldn’t legally let her vote. The other had a folded and crumpled voter registration, years old, and enough ID that we could process her and let her vote. She had never used the voting machines, doubtless hadn’t voted in many years. ... Read more

26 October 2016

Info for Texas voters

The League of Women Voters of Texas has an updated voter guide for 2016. If you got the printed version, there have been some minor changes. You can download the PDF. LWV also have a web site where you can get personalized information about who’s on your ballot ahead of time. Just go to vote411.org and enter your address. There’s been a massive jump in early voting in Austin. Accordingly, expect to wait in line. ... Read more

20 October 2016


From the transcript of the final debate: WALLACE: Our national debt, as a share of the economy, our GDP, is now 77 percent. That’s the highest since just after World War II. But the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget says, Secretary Clinton, under your plan, debt would rise to 86 percent of GDP over the next 10 years. Mr. Trump, under your plan, they say it would rise to 105 percent of GDP over the next 10 years. ... Read more

20 October 2016

A reason why America is awesome

From a Pew Research Poll: You may think that Trump’s campaign indicates otherwise, but a recent Fox News poll suggests that the 2016 elections have led Americans to think about immigration and decide that it’s a good thing: What do you think should happen to the illegal immigrants who are currently working in the United States — do you favor deporting as many as possible or do you favor setting up a system for them to become legal residents? ... Read more

14 October 2016

Austin TX non-presidential candidates

Spent the evening going through my ballot for the upcoming election, looking at all the contested races and trying to find info on the candidates. It must be so convenient to be a partisan, just check the “straight party ticket” box and you’re done… Anyway, here are my preliminary notes and thoughts, in case anyone wants to try to convince me to vote differently or point me at more information. ... Read more

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