13 February 2018

Quinn Norton

Earlier today the New York Times announced that they were hiring Quinn Norton to be their new opinion columnist on “the power, culture and consequences of technology”. Before long, her friendship with neo-Nazi weev had been pointed out to the NYT, along with her history of using homophobic and racist slurs online. By nighttime, she was unhired. The TL;DR here is that being friends with literal Nazis is a career-limiting maneuver. ... Read more

29 January 2018

Parrot festival

Last Thursday we got in the car and headed to Houston for the 2018 Parrot Festival, held each year by the National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation (NPRPF). It was three fairly solid days of presentations on various psittacine topics. I had learned about the event over a year earlier, and made a note in my calendar to check the lineup in December. When I learned that this year’s special focus was to be the budgerigar, we decided we had to go. ... Read more

9 January 2018

Book review: Fire and Fury

I don’t usually read books about politics, but when I saw how freaked out Trump was about “Fire and Fury”, I knew I had to buy a copy. As others have pointed out, Wolff has done what other reporters wouldn’t dare do — destroyed his chances of getting further access to the White House in order to report. Having bought the book, I wasn’t sure I really wanted to read it. ... Read more

1 January 2018

New Year

It snowed in Austin on New Year’s Eve. I’ve lived in New England and driven in a snowstorm in Minnesota in mid winter, so the weather was no big deal for me, but driving home at around 02:30 there were numerous vehicle wrecks surrounded by flashing lights. I saw an interview with John Cleese where he said that the one thing on his bucket list is never wanting to be cold again. ... Read more

23 December 2017

Economics of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for a while now. I have mixed feelings about it. It’s not terrible, and it’s not particularly evil as freemium/free-to-play games go, but it certainly isn’t great. Its main effect is to make me want to play a real Animal Crossing game, such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS. I could list many shortcomings of Pocket Camp, from the animals’ lack of individualized dialog to the dumbed down skill-free mechanics of fishing and insect catching, but I’d like to focus on one specific oddness: the economy. ... Read more

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