12 May 2016

Needing new luggage like a hole in the head

I’ve been listening to the Sawbones podcast, an often delightfully bizarre and disgusting discussion of bogus medical practices through history. (For instance, did you know that some plague doctors would treat bubonic plague by applying human feces to the wounds?) During the episode about trepanation I learned that a tumi is a blade used for early attempts at said procedure, as well as for general evisceration of sacrifices. This obviously left me wondering about the luggage company. ... Read more

4 May 2016

New dishwasher

Last week our dishwasher’s display froze. Instead of showing “2h” or “15” (minutes), it stuck showing a zero then something that looked like a backwards 6. The next time I power cycled it, the display stopped working entirely. The unit still seemed to wash dishes, though. I’d performed repairs once before, when the door latch broke. I had ordered the replacement part from some guy on eBay and done the replacement myself. ... Read more

1 May 2016

Not exactly Stephen King

One summer in the 1980s a family of four took their RV into the depths of the Maine backwoods, and apparently stayed in it overnight. They were never seen again, but the vehicle itself is still glimpsed from time to time in the misty forests. According to local Micmac, it became possessed by the wandering cannibal spirit of the Wendigo — it became The Winnedigo. If you see strangely yellow headlights of a Winnebago while vacationing in Maine, do not approach. ... Read more

18 April 2016

Health kick 2 year update, and defending Ancel Keys

Something occurred to me during my transition to a low sugar diet. If you think about it, it makes no sense that cholesterol in eggs, or saturated fat, would be harmful to humans. Our species has been raising chickens for around 4,000 years, and surviving on fatty meat for tens of thousands of years. Sugar, on the other hand, only became a regular part of most people’s diets between the 17th and 19th Centuries. ... Read more

10 April 2016

Rational self maintenance

People shower a lot. On average, every day. Scientists seem to think that the amount we need to shower is more like once or twice a week. I’m on the scientific end of the spectrum in winter, and more average in summer when it’s disgustingly hot here. My main problem with showers in winter is that eventually you have to get out of them. So apparently daily showers are yet another thing we were convinced to do by advertisers, in order to sell more product. ... Read more

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