4 July 2016

Brexit the 4th

Now that he’s done his bit to destroy the UK, Nigel Farage has resigned. It seems absolutely nobody involved has the balls to stand up and lead the UK in completing the EU exit they campaigned for. Meanwhile, Nick Clegg wants a general election. Presumably since the Liberal Democrats are now the only party with functioning leadership, he smells opportunity, but I expect the only reason why the LibDem leader hasn’t resigned is that nobody knows who he is. ... Read more

1 July 2016

House of Cards as a LARP

It’s nearly a week since the UK referendum on leaving the European Union, but many are still stuck in the denial phase, trying to argue that brexit is in some way unlawful, or will be prevented by Scotland. Maybe it’s true that Parliament will be required to pass an Act to leave the EU, but I’m not sure that means much. As I see it, there are basically two options here: ... Read more

30 June 2016

Quote of the week

Winston Churchill, Amsterdam, 9 May 1948: We hope to reach again a Europe united but purged of the slavery of ancient, classical times — a Europe in which men will be proud to say, “I am a European”. We hope to see a Europe where men of every country will think as much of being a European as of belonging to their native land, and that without losing any part of their love and loyalty to their birthplace. ... Read more

28 June 2016

Brexit update

Time to check in again with the glorious brexit revolution. S&P has confirmed the downgrade of the UK’s credit rating. In The Sun, Kelvin McKenzie admits he’s regretting voting Leave. It’s increasingly clear that the pro-brexit politicans have no plan for what to do next. Well, except Theresa May — she’s already planning to abandon the European Convention on Human Rights. Families are being driven apart as kids realize their parents voted to screw their futures. ... Read more

26 June 2016

Narrative arc

I’ve posted on Facebook about the fact that I’m becoming a US citizen this year. One response I haven’t seen from anyone is surprise. Circa 1995, my (American) friend Leah said I was the most American British person she had ever met. Earlier, in the 80s, I remember someone remarking on my use of obscure Americanisms. Further back still, there’s a photo of me as a child in my favorite shirt of the time — with its US air force insignia and CLEVELAND OHIO on the sleeve. ... Read more

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