26 June 2016

New Restaurant Menu

Ham au Cameron Mess o’ Farage Full English brexit served with sour grapes Cornish patsies No French bread Hard cheese

26 June 2016

Brexit fallout

Not given much consideration by UK voters is the fact that they’ve basically set Northern Ireland on a course to a vicious sectarian political battle: Recklessly, casually, with barely a thought, English nationalists have planted a bomb under the settlement that brought peace to Northern Ireland and close cordiality to relations between Britain and Ireland. To do this seriously and soberly would have been bad. To do it so carelessly, with nothing more than a pat on the head and a reassurance that everything will be all right, is frankly insulting… ... Read more

24 June 2016

Be careful what you ask for, you might get it

For my American friends and neighbors, my brief summary of this whole “brexit” mess. What happened Nigel Farage, a stockbroker’s son educated at an expensive private school, managed to portray himself in the media as a man of the people. His party, UKIP, engaged in racist campaigning, along with the usual far-right homophobia and rants about women. The BBC gave disproportionate coverage to UKIP, and initially they were treated as a joke. ... Read more

22 June 2016

Homeland Security and less pleasant things

Today was the day of my citizenship interview. The appointment was at the Department of Homeland Security US Citizenship and Immigration Services office in San Antonio, so I had taken the day off. I set out at 9am, and almost immediately encountered a dead armadillo on the road. I wondered if it was an omen. Turned out, maybe yes. The journey to San Antonio is about 120km each way. It’s a long, boring drive down I-35, enlivened only by the antics of Texas drivers doing stupid shit like tailgating 18 wheelers and cutting in front of buses in their pickups. ... Read more

20 June 2016

Tarzan of the Calais Jungle

Michael Heseltine is apparently shocked to discover that the Tory party is engaging in racist fearmongering about immigration: The Brexit case relies on fanning fears about immigration. I am amazed that someone like you now marches to the drum of Farage, Trump and Le Pen – a generation of demagogues spawned by a global recession and the fallout from internecine conflict among Muslims. Maybe he’s getting forgetful in his old age. ... Read more

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