5 July 2015

Video game review: “Sunset”

If you tried to develop a game specifically to rile gamergaters, you might come up with something like “Sunset”. Consider: It’s in the genre derisively named “walking simulators”, where the main interaction consists of moving around the game world and looking at things. It has a black female protagonist. It’s overtly political, with a left wing socialist sensibility. It’s (amongst other things) a critique of popular video war games like Call of Duty. ... Read more

2 July 2015

Tim Hunt backlash

Professor Richard Dawkins is demanding an apology from those who criticised Sir Tim Hunt over a leaked EU report he claims gives vital context to comments the Nobel laureate scientist made about his “trouble with girls” in laboratories. But… Many science journalists were at the lunch and witnessed the whole thing, including Deborah Blum, Ivan Oransky, Charles Seife, and Connie St. Louis. After discussing what they saw and heard, they decided St. ... Read more

1 July 2015

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was originally released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64. It’s the odd one out of the Zelda games, having a unique premise. Link is ambushed by the Skull Kid, who is wearing a mysterious mask. He ends up in Clock Town in the center of the land of Termina, three days before the Festival of the Moon. Unfortunately, the moon in question — which has a creepy, sinister looking moon face — turns out to be colliding with the world, and hits at dawn on the day of the festival. ... Read more

17 June 2015

Asphyxiating the messenger

Found on a list of terms GM employees were forbidden from using: brakes like an “X” car Challenger Cobain Corvair-like deathtrap decapitating detonate disemboweling eviscerated explode genocide grenadelike Hindenburg horrific impaling inferno Kevorkianesque lacerating maiming malicious mangling maniacal mutilating powder keg rolling sarcophagus (or tomb or coffin) spontaneous combustion suicidal terrifying Titanic widow-maker you’re toast worldojeff via Compfight

17 June 2015


Bob: “You were an idiot to use LastPass. Now the hackers have your LastPass password!” Alice: “No, they don’t. They have a hash generated with at least 5000 rounds of SHA-256. They still need to crack that or brute force your password, which isn’t likely unless they’re the NSA. And they have to crack it before I get around to changing my master password.” Bob: “Well, I still don’t like that your passwords are all on someone else’s server where they can be stolen. ... Read more

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