23 December 2015

Gitmo is over (if you want it)

For years, people have been buying the excuse that Obama can’t close Gitmo because “Congress won’t let him”. I’ve been arguing that no, Obama could close Gitmo any time he liked if he really wanted to. Sure, Congress can refuse to allow funds to be allocated for special shutdown procedures and ferrying people by aircraft. They can pass laws prohibiting relocation of detainees to the US. But the President of the USA is the head of the nation’s armed forces. ... Read more

21 December 2015

Thinking too much about Christmas carols

I have an issue with a Christmas carol I heard while driving. I saw three ships come sailing in On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day; I saw three ships come sailing in On Christmas Day in the morning. And what was in those ships all three, On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day? And what was in those ships all three, On Christmas Day in the morning? The Virgin Mary and Christ were there, ... Read more

5 December 2015

Belt and braces

A week or two ago I was listening to some music, when it stopped. I investigated the FLAC file and discovered something nasty: it was corrupt. Both attempting to decode it and running an integrity check resulted in an error part way through. I went to my backup drive, and discovered that the file was corrupted there as well. Presumably it had been corrupted somehow before I placed it on the server, maybe during the CD ripping process. ... Read more

21 November 2015

NSA continues spying on e-mail

New York Times is starting to get the idea: When the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of records about Americans’ emails came to light in 2013, the government conceded the program’s existence but said it had shut down the effort in December 2011 for “operational and resource reasons.” While that particular secret program stopped, newly disclosed documents show that the N.S.A. had found a way to create a functional equivalent. ... Read more

19 November 2015

Mrice E100 review

A couple of weeks ago I saw a WIRED article raving about the Mrice E300 earbuds, a pair of no-brand $15 Chinese-made earbuds. The review pointed me at some threads on Reddit and various headphone forums where people were posting about a different model, the E100 — again, from Chinese manufacturer Mrice. They’re also sold under the name Chintek. If you search, you can find reviews scattered across the web. ... Read more

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