12 February 2015

Brain dump: American football

For your possible amusement, here is everything I know about American football. Please note that (a) this information may be partially or wholly incorrect, (b) I don’t care, and © I don’t want to know any more about American football than I already do, so don’t waste your time. American football is a sport played on a rectangular grass pitch. The object of the game is to transport the “ball”, which is shaped like a rugby ball, to the opposing team’s end of the pitch. ... Read more

10 February 2015

Kohi Aeropress filter review

When I make coffee for just me, I tend to use an Aeropress. If you aren’t aware of said device, it’s the best way to make good coffee for under about $200 — and it’s only $25. Go buy one. Anyway, once you have your Aeropress, you may get tired of dealing with paper filters. I did, so my ever-loving barista wife got me a stainless steel Aeropress filter from Able Brewing. ... Read more

28 January 2015

Metal Gear Solid: Zero Interest

Recently I didn’t play a video game. You might be thinking “So what?”. After all, a lot of people don’t play video games. There are even a lot of video games I don’t play. But this was a new game in a series that I’ve played pretty much all the previous installments of. I’m not easily offended. I played right through Grand Theft Auto V, for example, as well as writing a series of articles defending the series. ... Read more

21 January 2015

The case of the missing budgie

This afternoon Bruce suddenly started running up and down in my office window, like he wanted to go outside. This surprised me, because none of our birds have shown any desire to go outside before. I immediately felt bad that he couldn’t go fly outside, and made a note to see if I could take him outside in the cage at the weekend. Then it was feeding time, and as I put the food in the dispensers I realized Lola was mysteriously absent. ... Read more

16 January 2015

Streaming music and payments to musicians

When Google Play Unlimited Access was announced, I subscribed. Partly because it had a good Android client with offline caching as well as a web client that worked with Linux, but also because it cost actual money, so I had a hunch it would pay artists reasonably well. Apparently my hunch was correct: Service Payout per play Source Nokia $0. ... Read more

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