20 April 2017

The man who mistook a pen for a hat

This is an attempt to catalog Donald Trump’s apparently worsening mental condition, because I couldn’t find any other web pages doing the job. Remember, Trump’s father Fred suffered from Alzheimer’s during the last decade of his life, and it’s genetic. Check out the Alzheimer’s Association list of 10 early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Note that a very common symptom of Alzheimer’s is disturbed sleep, with sufferers waking up upset and angry in the small hours. ... Read more

3 April 2017

Black Lives Matter kerfuffle in Philadelphia

An argument has erupted over the Philadelphia chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement, after they decided to make an upcoming meeting a “black only space”. The group has since clarified that in fact, all their meetings are black centered and that white people aren’t welcome. I have a few thoughts on this. First of all, I totally get why black Americans might be really suspicious, perhaps even hostile or fearful, regarding white Americans. ... Read more

27 March 2017


“So, tell me about this video game ‘Unravel’.” “Well, you play an escaped ball of wool who has to go out into the world to collect an old woman’s scattered memories.” “A what?” “There are all kinds of stringlike physics puzzles. We’re marketing it as a whole new genre, the ‘string-em-up’.” “You might want a different name for that.” “Well, the game is proving very popular in playtesting.” “I didn’t think we had the budget for playtesting. ... Read more

21 March 2017

Hans Reiser and Donald Trump

Update: I was contacted by the person responsible for a “free Hans Reiser” web site I had linked to, and told that he had been trolling. I’ve substituted the link with one going to a Slashdot discussion, as it demonstrates the same point that there were plenty of people who thought Hans might be innocent. In October 2006, a Linux kernel programmer named Hans Reiser was arrested by police on suspicion of having murdered his ex-wife Nina. ... Read more

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