17 June 2015

Asphyxiating the messenger

Found on a list of terms GM employees were forbidden from using: brakes like an “X” car Challenger Cobain Corvair-like deathtrap decapitating detonate disemboweling eviscerated explode genocide grenadelike Hindenburg horrific impaling inferno Kevorkianesque lacerating maiming malicious mangling maniacal mutilating powder keg rolling sarcophagus (or tomb or coffin) spontaneous combustion suicidal terrifying Titanic widow-maker you’re toast worldojeff via Compfight

17 June 2015


Bob: “You were an idiot to use LastPass. Now the hackers have your LastPass password!” Alice: “No, they don’t. They have a hash generated with at least 5000 rounds of SHA-256. They still need to crack that or brute force your password, which isn’t likely unless they’re the NSA. And they have to crack it before I get around to changing my master password.” Bob: “Well, I still don’t like that your passwords are all on someone else’s server where they can be stolen. ... Read more

17 June 2015

The OPM “hack” and related matters

As government officials answered questions about the recent Office of Personnel Management data breach, former and current congressional staffers processed the notices they are receiving from the agency that they, too, were affected by the breach. A consultant who did some work with a company contracted by OPM to manage personnel records for a number of agencies told Ars that he found the Unix systems administrator for the project “was in Argentina and his co-worker was physically located in the [People’s Republic of China]. ... Read more

16 June 2015

Rachel Dolezal

So, about that whole Rachel Dolezal thing… 1. Her parents were quoted as saying “Our daughter is primarily German and Czech and of European descent.” They themselves have white skin, and they have photos of her showing that she had white skin. Well, that proves nothing. Craig Cobb also looked totally caucasian, and was a white supremacist too — but hilariously, it turned out he was 14 percent African heritage. ... Read more

11 June 2015

Of fascism and functional programming

There’s been a fuss in some circles about the fact that Curtis Yarvin was uninvited from a tech conference after the organizers learned of his political views, which he publishes under the pen name “Mencius Moldbug”. I don’t particularly want to discuss his political views or whether he should be invited to speak at conferences; rather, I want to point out something I haven’t seen anyone else point out. But before I get to that, I feel like I should provide a little background for those who have been lucky enough not to encounter the “Moldbug” oeuvre. ... Read more

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